Steven M.

"Westley has been instrumental in finding the fundamentals of positivity in my own life. I was stuck on my own path, going nowhere, until he reached out to me curious about where my life was headed. He helped introduce me into my career and highlight the aspects of life that you need to focus on: happiness, hard work, and genuine care for the man beside you. Those values have resonated in me and I know will continue to be passed on to the people whose lives he touches because of his passion to instigate positivity in their world. "

Lequawn J.

"If you are really looking for someone who cares about your well-being holistically in fitness, in health, and mental stability, then you have the right coach in mind. He lives every day like it’s his last, helping others along the way. He is clearly passionate about what he does. Those are the types of check boxes you check off when you are seriously looking for a coach of any kind. The ability to care and have your best interests at heart. That, my friends, can’t be coached. And that is what sets West apart from many of the other coaches out there."


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