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The Bali Within My Soul

For over two years, I was dreading going into work. My phone was a ticking time bomb that never stopped, and my happiness was at an all-time low. I was working 70–80 hours a week, no at-home life, my workouts were cut every day, and my mental health was at its worse. The problem was I was burnt out, I was weak, and my vacations were… well, there wasn’t any. I knew I had to make a change, something different, something new but wasn’t sure the route to take.

You guys may be wondering what kind of job I was in that required this amount of work. My position was a senior sales manager for a logistics company. I worked with customers all over the US, shipping everything from small boxes to truckloads of product. What made the job so stressful was the work outside of regular working hours. I would leave work at 5:30 pm and within 15 minutes would have already received 1–2 calls with problems or asking for help. I will say hard work is my middle name, but working nonstop is terrible for your mental health… and I witnessed it first hand. I would stay in this position for a total of 4 years until one night changed everything for me.

On a late Tuesday night, while scrolling on Facebook, something caught my eye. A post about peace, love, hope and faith and all of these being represented in a place I knew nothing about…. Bali, Indonesia. At the time, I couldn’t even tell you where Indonesia was on a map, but one thing I did know was I wanted to learn more. What was so magical about this place? What ignited people’s soul’s while on their journey throughout this land? That next day I booked a one-way flight to Bali, Indonesia. I questioned my decision for days because I knew I would have to leave my corporate job. Was this the best for my future? Will it is worth it, will I enjoy it? I had to stop. I knew there was one thing I could do right at that moment. Pray! That’s just what I did and if you’re still reading this you then you probably know I went through with that decision.

36 Plane Flight Later

I stepped foot on Bali soil at 10:58 pm Jan 10th after a long 36-hour plane flight. I met with my driver to take me to the villa I was staying in Ubud, Bali. I would be staying in this one location for two weeks before adventuring off to another area called Canggu, Bali. Ubud is a place of peace, a spiritual and mystical center for locals and tourists. On any given day, you’ll encounter digital nomads working on startups, Westerners taking sabbaticals, and locals living their life amidst it all. I picked this location first due to my love for waterfalls, nature, animals, culture, and food. I wanted to be one with nature, to feel the love in the air, to connect with myself deeper on a level I hadn’t experienced before. I attended yoga classes, cocoa ceremonies, temple gatherings, ecstatic dance nights, and more. I wanted to open up and step into the water of the unknown.

I’m going to be honest with you guys; I’m not sure I was ready for the impact Bali was about to make on my life. The beauty of the sky, the rice fields, the waterfalls, the random scooter rides throughout the city.. all of it amazed me more than I had ever believed. It felt like the home I always wanted.

I felt very welcome, from the local’s endless smiles to the beautiful green rice fields, to the colorful architecture to the people waving as I passed by on my scooter. This is my place. This was the place of purpose I needed in my life, the place where I would awaken my soul.

Move To Canggu

Soon after my first two weeks in Ubud, I would make a move to Canggu, Bali. Canggu has a mix of digital nomads, surfers, vegans, and locals. Canggu is known for the fantastic beaches, great food, vibrant culture, and stunning sunsets. I would call this place home for the next three weeks. I started my first week hanging out with a friend I met at the airport. We would spend the next week filming content, taking great scooters rides to the waterfalls, and even a trip up to Mount Agung. Having someone to hang out with along the journey always makes for a great time. We would make sure to meet up with friends at night for shisha by the beach. Bintang in hand, ready to enjoy the night. As Deepak Chopra said, “Life gives you plenty of time to do whatever you want to do if you stay in the present moment.”

When it comes to actives, Bali has everything you would want. My days usually started with a morning ride to a local coffee shop or B fast spot. After B quick a morning workout was the next on the list. I would typically finish within an hour which would then lead to either content creation, meditation, adventures to beaches or waterfalls or all of our favorites…work. Every day was different, but I made sure to bring intention into each day with a goal setting exercise in the AM. Setting your goals for the day can be a game-changer for your life and its something that changed mine while 10,000 miles away from home. The nights would consist of dinner’s with friends, watching the sunset, grabbing a beer or smoking shisha by the beach.

I would spend the next three weeks getting to learn more about myself, about culture, community, cuisine, travel, communication, and more. These would be the moments where I would find the Bali within my soul. The part of my soul that was missing for so long. The part that was weak before but now filled with love, faith, and joy. Bali has a special place in my heart and always will. I will never forget the memories, the love, and the moments I shared with others during this time.

Bali made me believe in myself, it gave me the confidence to launch my first business, and it gave me the place where I would find my purpose. Bali challenged me to step outside my comfort zone and put myself in a place where I knew nothing and no one. 10,000 miles away with a backpack, phone, clothes, and a camera. It gave me the courage to start asking questions, reaching out for advice, and being open and vulnerable on my social media platforms. Bali ignited the fire within Westley, and if you’re still reading this, I know it can happen for you.

Visit Bali, and be ready for the awakening of your soul!


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